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ERMA 7300: Design and Analysis I

Course Description

Basic methods of descriptive and inferential analysis including t-tests, between and within subjects ANOVA, mixed ANOVAs, hierarchical designs and chi-square tests as they are utilized in educational research. Emphasis is placed on developing a solid foundation in statistical reasoning, including the assumptions, limitations, and common mistakes in using statistical methods.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • explain the process of hypothesis testing and apply it to research problems
  • identify different types of research designs and variables found in published articles
  • describe the strengths and limitations of different research designs
  • identify applications of a wide variety of statistical procedures
  • solve educational research problems using statistical tests of significance
  • make accurate interpretations of statistical findings
  • use data analysis software (SPSS) to solve statistical problems
  • review published research literature to examine the application of measurement, design, and analysis procedures
  • prepare a written summary of data analysis results in APA format

Relevant Posts by Unit


1-Visualizing and Describing Data

Central Tendency


2-Probability and Sampling

3-Hypothesis Testing and t tests

4-One Way ANOVA


5-Factorial ANOVA